Race Accuvolt
Accuvolt FR1500
Lower, More Consistent ETs with Accuvolt's ROCK SOLID Output Voltage Powering Your Vehicle's *Entire Electrical System - Track Tests Prove It!
(* Starter Motor Excluded)

What is Accuvolt and Why Do I Need It?
Accuvolt is an active "step up" voltage regulator that takes in a vehicle's poorly regulated battery voltage, computer-processes it, and puts out higher, perfectly flat (+/- 0.01v), spike-free voltage (user-adjustable 13.5 to 16.25 volts) even when the battery runs down as low as 9.5 volts!  Once powered by Accuvolt's regulated power supply, all electrical equipment from ignitions to fuel pumps and solenoids will run noticeably more efficient and powerful, significantly lowering ETs and making all ETs much more consistent (see Guarantee Table).

Jacobs Electronics Guarantees the Following 1/4 Mile Results:
If the present 1/4 mile ET is: ACCUVOLT REDUCES ET BY AT LEAST
Accuvolt at 14V Accuvolt at 16V
Below 6.49 sec No Data No Data
6.50 - 7.99 sec 0.15 sec 0.17 sec
8.00 - 9.49 sec 0.19 sec 0.22 sec
9.50 - 10.99 sec 0.21 sec 0.25 sec
11.00 - 12.49 sec 0.25 sec 0.29 sec
12.50 - 13.99 sec 0.29 sec 0.34 sec
14.00 - 15.49 sec 0.33 sec 0.38 sec
15.50 - 16.99 sec 0.38 sec 0.43 sec
17.00 - 18.49 sec 0.42 sec 0.47 sec
18.50 - and above 0.50 sec 0.56 sec
1/4 mile elapsed time ACCUVOLT vs 12 volt fully charged battery

Graph of Accuvolt vs Battery

   Easy to install.
   Eliminates the need for power-robbing alternators.
   Saves over half the cost and/or parts of a 16 volt system by stepping up to 16 volts (selectable) from 12 volts.
   Improves driving - no surprises - same hp, lap or pass ETs regardless if battery run-down.
   AN ABSOLUTE MUST FOR BRACKET RACERS - Most consistent ETs possible: Eliminates the largest variable causing inconsistent ETs, changing voltage, which alters the speed at which solenoids and throttle stops are activated.   Without Accuvolt, your times are affected by everything that affects voltage/charge on battery and regulator, even line loss.
   Same hp on last lap as on the first.
   Allows ignition and all pumps and on-board electrical equipment to operate at maximum consistent peak output.
   Ignition and fuel pumps at max capacity to highest rpm.
   Consistent, reliable results from on-board recording computers; eliminates all spikes and glitches, which are the largest cause of electronic equipment failure/destruction.
   An Annunciator functions as a diagnostic and warning centre for battery condition.

Accuvolt FR-375 Accuvolt FR-375
The most compact member of the Accuvolt FR series.   Capable of 375 watts of output (25 amps draw) across an adjustable output range of 13.5 to 16.25 volts.
Accuvolt FR-750 Accuvolt FR-750
Capable of up to 750 watts of output (50 amps draw) across an adjustable output range of 13.5 to 16.25 volts.
Accuvolt FR-1500 Accuvolt FR-1500
The largest of the Accuvolt family.   Capable of up to 1500 watts of output (100 amps draw) across an adjustable output range of 13.5 to 16.25 volts.

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